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          1. News Center
            2016-09-12Ajinomoto Sells French Sweetener Business to HYET
            22 Sep 2015 --- HYET Holding B.V. has announced the purchase of Ajinomoto Sweeteners Europe S.A.S. (ASE) in Northern France for a reported token fee, as part of...
            2016-09-12Price of Sucralose Expected to Increase Continuously Due to Intense Supply
            17 Jun 2016 --- China’s sucralose companies stated that they can’t accept new orders due to the tight supply of sucralose. Considering the short supply in Chi...
            2016-09-12Bayer, Monsanto said to move closer to deal as talks progress
            Negotiations between Bayer AG and Monsanto Co. are advancing toward a deal after the companies made progress on issues including the purchase price and terminat...
            2016-09-12ChemChina-Syngenta $43 billion deal approved by U.S. Security Panel
            A U.S. national security panel has cleared ChemChina's $43 billion takeover of Swiss pesticides and seeds group Syngenta, the companies said, boosting chanc...
            2016-09-12EU restriction unlikely to affect glyphosate in UK
            Glyphosate use in parks and public spaces in the UK is likely to be little affected by a recent EU agreement to restrict its use.On 30 June the European Commiss...