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          1. Newtrend Group FIC2019 Live Report
            Time:2019-03-25 hits:6932

            The world’s largest professional food ingredients exhibition (FIC2019) was successfully completed in Shanghai national convention city on 20th, March. Newtrend has warmly welcome thousands of visitors, shown our enthusiastic, professional, sincere attitudes to old and new friends from all over the world. During the exhibition period, all seats in our booth are fully occupied and obtained lots of benefits.

            Newtrend has continued to put the Sucralose and Glycine as core products, we first launch the natural plant extracts in the exhibitoins. We devoted ourselves to become the leading global healthy food ingredient supplier.  Bring our ideas of healthy, natural to the customers, and was speak highly of by our visitors. Our friends and partners are full of confidence for Newtrend’s products and future.

            In the stage of FIC,  Newtrend group has shown the global and long term development brand conception as well as the comprehensive growing strength.

            Just believe, Newtrend are always there with you!